• Moyo Olayanju


I was part of the protest yesterday. There was this feeling I can’t describe when we all marched together and chanted. There’s so much strength in numbers and that’s what people need to know.

I was there for about 4 hours.

My friends and I were walking back to Stadium to see what the protest was like there, seeing as we were outside Area C police station for most of the protest. Then we heard gunshots. We weren’t sure at first. Then when it became rapid and people started running, we did same and entered an inner street. One of the gunshots sounded so close even though we were on the opposite side of the street. We managed to find our way out of there even though we had scattered. There were also school children who just closed running for their lives. I remember a woman carrying a baby too.

I made it to where I parked my car and all was well. I got on social media and I saw pictures and videos. I was weak. They had broken us and picked on a few people who couldn’t escape. I did a lot of thinking later at night.

What if I was the one caught

What if nobody saw me being caught

What if no one knew my name

What if my story wasn’t told

What if I was the one shot

If it didn’t hit that man, would the bullet have travelled and hit someone I know

How will they break the news to my mum seeing as I didn’t tell her I was at the protest

How will my mum react if she had lost me on her birthday.

A lot of questions but here I am thanking God for life and sharing my story.

There’s strength in numbers. They won’t silence us all.


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